Operation Market Garden Video up on YouTube for a shot time

I finally found a copy of the film I made a few years ago. It is a home film of the Operation Market Garden mega game run at Fall In 2003. The video was intended as a home video only so there is a lot of copyrighted music in there. Under fair use I can use it to a certain extent and i am not making money from it but I will eventually have to take it down as fair use is limited. I also have lost all the interview permission slips, etc. So for those reasons I am only going to keep it up for a few weeks before the copyright police at Youtube catch wind of it. I fully support copyright laws by the way. I also believe in the fair use clauses of those laws.

The video takes about an hour (and thus had to be broken up into about 7 segments to fit on YouTube), is unscripted and does the best it can to capture the entire game. The table was 60-70 feet long (20+ meters). There were thousands of miniatures, many dozens of buildings, all 11 bridges, etc. 70 gamers played in the game and were all playing the Germans. The 13 umpires pushed the Americans and British. It was run on Friday and Saturday and was grueling as hell for anyone who was there from first setup to final take down. It was rerun at Historicon 2005. I participated in that as well. The majority of the terrain boards were tossed in the dumpster as Marty didn’t have room to store them. We saved the expensive bits as best we could.

This was one of my earliest films. I am an awful camera man and it shows. I didn’t have great equipment but it came out reasonably good. Please spread the word about this video to anyone you know who games. The game was incredibly inspirational to my own efforts. So please blog about it, email and spread the word by mouth. Eventually I’ll take it down or have it removed for me.



  1. Frank Frey says:

    What an incredible game. Thank you for preserving it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent film, wished I could have played in the game.

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