New Race Track – get it while it is hot!

CorpCommander’s Halo 3 File Share

I’ve uploaded the latest incarnation of RACE S Curves track for the RACETRACKS game varient. I’ve also uploaded a preliminary mod of that game as well. I tried to correct some things i thought were problems (assasination being one of them) but it seems the best solution there is to make killing worth negative points.

The new map tries something new: the goal is very hard to score twice given it’s placement. You really have to try hard to cheat at this one. I’ve also moved a few of the jumps and ramps around so it should be slightly faster racing. In particular you can hit the “man cannon” with your mongoose faster now – however still not at top speed if you wish to clear the obstruction.

As with all good rally races some parts of the track require slow, careful manuever and others demand fast flat out throttle.

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