New Pacific Project coming

Pretty soon there will be an announcement on The Miniatures Page concerning a new mega project for me. It will concern itself with gaming the Pacific Theater of Operations. I will initially start with an American point of view but will eventually cover the war before the American’s got invovled and theaters the American’s didn’t fight in.

This project will be pretty big. I have a lot of figures painted for it already. They need to be based. I think the first part of the project I will be doing is going over my basing techniques. I have some ideas for Guadal Canal though I am not sure I am going to do that first. I have various landing craft i’d like to use. Well, I guess it will be decided after I’ve done a little bit of research. I am curious about a great deal of things concerning the Great Pacific War.

My goal is to really excite people about the period. I think a lot has been done and said about the European Theater but the Pacific has been largely ignored. Its time that changed!

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