New Old Glory Pirate Ships Coming Soon

I was talking on the phone with Old Glory about my recent change of address. I’m part of the Old Glory Army and as such one of my benefits is I get a new figure every month. It is a really cool benefit actually. While on the phone we got talking about their ranges and it turns out they have some new ships coming out for 25-28mm scale that will be perfect for Age of Piracy gaming. A Fourth-Rate, a merchantman and a Frigate (approx. 24″ long!) will be coming out. Price TBD but his guestimate puts them in the very affordable range. They will be solid cast from a light weight material which is fine by me – I curse every time I have to move my metal miniatures!

I have a resin cast ship that is about 18″ long that I got eons ago from Wargames Ruins for about $50. It isn’t painted because it isn’t assembled. It’s in a sagan amount of pieces! One could call this the $500 miniature of my collection if I get into the period. What, you ask, is a $500 Miniature? My friend Marty picked up a miniature at a convention that he really liked. It was in a new period he didn’t have any other figures for. Well by the time he got done buying miniatures and building terrain for that one figure to participate in it had cost him $500. All for a $2.50 piece of unpainted white metal!

Well that is news for today.

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