New Goodies

I just got 2 more Hekat Golgoths for AT-43 bringing me up to 3. They are light striders that are very useful. They are the fastest units in the game and though they only have melee attacks they are walking “La Machines” capable of shredding any type of infantry and many types of striders. They throw 4 attacks with a melee value of 6 and a pentration value of 13. Against a firetoad they would through 4 dice x 50% to hit and 66.6% to penetrate. You can expect 1 1/3rd hits mathmatically. Against infantry units though these things are monsters. When they charge you, if they impact any of your heavy weapons carriers, those guys are killed outright. Then there is a chance anyone else they hit are either displaced or killed. Survivors are then engaged by its scythe blades… chances are your unit is an ugly mess.

I also got some bunker terrain. I have’t looked at it yet but I’ll get some pictures up soon. Things are pulling together nicely for ConQuest.

Tomorrow night we start Descent up again. I’ve been working on a master rulebook for Descent that combines all three books from the game and the 2 expansions. It will definitely help ALL of us play the game better.


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