Never Say Die!

Ok, I’ve been thinking hard. I have to do an Iwo Game at Nashcon. Its just plain and simple. When I thought about it I realized I don’t have to do the monster game I have planned. I just have to throw together something reasonable with the same flavor. In fact given the smaller nature of Nashcon vs. Historicon I am going to need to keep it small anyway.

Here are some ideas I am proposing to use at the Nashcon game:

0 Fixed schedule of reinforcements
0 1 Marine Platoon vs. 3 bunkers and popups
0 Limited Naval and Air Support
0 Bunkers will be similar to the type I will be using at Historicon
0 Missions: at fixed times the Marine player will be issued micro-missions. In reading on Iwo I came across some interesting stories about things units would get asked to do. It wasn’t just walk forward and take every bunker you see. Sometimes there would be specific missions they’d be asked to perform.

I know I can do it. I pulled together a fairly decent looking game last night when I came home with just some terrain I had laying around. I realized I could make something that was decent. I didn’t need to make something perfect.

I am very excited for Nashcon. I hope a lot of people attend. I have always had a good time at this convention. I am happy that the Greater Pacific War Project will make its first appearence there!

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