Nashcon almost here, some great news!

I just got some great news. My friend Rohn will be joining myself and Pete English Memorial Day weekend. I can’t wait. All three of us have been friends for decades. Pete and I met in High School and Rohn met both of us in college. We’d meet at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to play war games with BattleGroup Boston and the MIT Gaming Society. Ah such heady days.

Rohn is an Air Traffic Controller with many years of service under his belt at BOS ATC. Unfortunately there are a few guys in his center who have even more years on him. This year has been rough on Rohn as he low enough on the Totem pole to have trouble getting time off to game. In fact this year was going to be the year without a convention but with some luck he managed to get a day off and also got to postpone a training session – so, he’ll be here. I can’t wait. It will be good having my friends here help me with my games.

I suspect come Friday I will be doing a lot of last minute detail work on the game and I will put them to the task of helping me finish off anything left to do. I still have work to do on the buildings like, oh say, PAINTING THEM. Other than that most of the hard work is done. The vehicles are 90% done. The figures are 95% done. The boards representing the town are close to completion too. The buildings have been the most difficult to finish.

I am still not sure if I will have time to throw together the final bits to make Iwo Jima happen at Nashcon. I really want to do something with it. We will just have to see. If I can’t run Iwo Jima then I will re-run the Marco Polo Bridge Incident game again.

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