Nashcon a Blast

Nashcon was a blast this year. I really enjoyed myself. My friend Pete English was able to come. My friend Rohn was in Europe and wanted to say he wished he was there but he couldn’t! He was much happier hanging out in lovely European spots than at a gaming convention.

I ran my Marco Polo game for the 3rd time and had fun. I think it was the last time running it as a convention game. The problem is that the Japanese require a solid battle plan and its not a good game for casual play.

I played a lot of Wings of War (see the photo above) with the new miniatures they released and had a blast. It is one of my favorite beer and pretzles games and has everything I want in an air war game. The last turn of the last game I played I challenged my opponent to a duel. We both did immelmans with our cards face up. The rest to the gamers respected the duel and did not interfere. We drew damage cards and up came a “0” and a “Plane Destroyed” card. I was the unlucky recipient! It was quite exciting and a very memorable moment!

One of the highlights of the trip was going to Fort Donelson and seeing the battlefield. What a great battlefield that is. It is very small so easy to do in an afternoon and very picturesque. I highly recommend it.

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