Nashcon 2013

I had a total blast at Nashcon this year! 2013 was the largest turnout for this convention in a long time. Almost 400 people were there. There were plenty of great dealers and tournaments and local activities to keep anyone happy for several days. I spent a lot on the dealer floor. About $50 more than I planned. However, for hobby expenditure I also planned out my next $300 or $400 I’ll spend over the rest of the year. There were a lot of great idea floating around. I also go ideas for my Iwo Jima game. I have a much better plan for how it will be run. I picked up “Look Sarge, No Charts WWII” and that will be the basis of the tactical game. The strategic game is already figured out for the most part. I still have some figures to paint but even there I am pretty certain I am ready to get development going. Terrain still needs to be built and that has been my theme for this year in terms of project expenditures. I also met up with some old friends and I can now say I have a tradition going with Attack of the Mutants. Three conventions in a row with two players having been involved in all three games! That is what establishes a tradition! So next year I have to up the ante and actually build that 3D board I promised!

Some of the photos show my pre-convention trip up to Fort Donelson with friends. It’s a great trip. Bring bug spray. I was picking ticks off of my legs later that evening in the bar. Yeah, I know, I’m so classy!

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