My New Uber Computer

It is a thing of beauty. This new Dell XPS 710 is an amazing machine. I plan on using it for video editing but also some game playing. I have been playing Theater of War on it and its a wonderful, smooth experience. I put Battleground Barbarossa to Berlin on it as well and there were nearly no delays for the computer AI turns. Magnificent!

I got a refurbished 20″ WS monitor from Dell as well. The computer was a scratch and dent system as well. I can’t find any problems with either. Literally if there is a scratch on the XPS I’ll be darned if I can find it.

The front lights are pretty cool too. It has them in the rear as well. You can even control the color via the bios setup. I didn’t realize it had them until after I’d had it a couple of days and was browsing the manual… It did require a booting into the bios setup to turn them on but that was easily accomplished and I got to play with the light color and see it in action AS I WAS SELECTING THINGS IN THE BIOS SETUP SCREEN!

Overall, I really like it!

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