Morituri Te Salutant analysis of Attacks

I took a hard, statistical look at the attacks in the game Morituri Te Salutant which depicts historic gladiator fighting in the 1st century. My group has been playing it at Wargames in Nashville this year and have started a campaign this past Saturday. It did not go well for my school as I lost two gladiators in the two fights I was in. So I took a look at the complex combat matrix that determines the results of comparing attacks and what I found was eye opening and useful. In one game I chose a “kick” attack even though I had many others available to me. When looking at its level of difficulty and expected damage I found it is truely one of the worst attacks in the game! This kind of understanding will help me better choose my attacks in my next game.

Difficulty is an absolute number derived from the total difficulty of the manuever and it’s likely hood of being blocked. Damage looks at all possible damage outcomes and the likelyhood the attack will be damaging. This is an absolute number. Finally the best vs. is useful to see where the attack can get you an easy hit with greater damage.

This information doesn’t preclude you from knowing an opponents weaknesses and it only looks at attacks. For example if you are up against a Sagitarius with a bow your best bed is to block all of their incoming fire with a Shield manuever if you have a shield. The Sagitarius is going to be hesitant to close with a better protected gladiator such as a Samnite.

Attack Difficulty Damage Blocked Best vs.
Lunge 61 25 33% Getup, Charge, Cut
Swing 57 32 24% Cut, Getup
Slash 59 26 29% Ssmash, Lasso
Cut 61 26 33% Swing, Slash, Getup
Thrust 52 31 24% Cut, Charge
Jab 57 18 33% Move F/Stand
Charge 56 30 24% Cut, Getup
Sh. Smash 62 17 38% Cut, Getup
Butt End 64 16 43% Jab
Lasso 55 Special 14% Getup, Reclaim
One/Two 60 26 29% Jab, Swing, Getup
Riposte 64 16 43% Lunge, Charge, Entangle
Hook 67 17 57% Lasso, Entangle
Entangle 53 Special 14% Swing, Charge, Getup
Kick 73 10 62% Getup, Reclaim
Throw 49 38 5% Getup, Cut, Reclaim, Move Back
Shoot 46 29 5% Getup, Reclaim, Move Back

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