Missed Cold Wars but still got to play military games

Many thanks to the 861st Airborne Quarter Masters (“Riggers”) for hosting me on a training exercise as a “Strap-hanger” this past weekend. It provided a lot of valuable experience for me and I hope that the work I did will help them with future training exercises. As someone who often works with the military at a high-level it was great to see what its like at ground level. It was a cold weekend but we did not let that deter us from the mission of doing an airborne operation to secure an airfield and then later sling-load operations to transport a vehicle via helicoptor. I was involved closely with both operations and got to see it from both the commander’s and the grunt’s eyes. I feel very fortunate to have been allowed this opportunity with so many brave men and women in this elite unit.

As a wargamer it has given me new perspective on complex logistical operations that involve combat and advanced resupply techniques. I got to experience the rush of wind as the doors opened on the C-130 at 1250 feet and the thrill of power as the Blackhawk effortlessly lifted a Humvee off the Earth and carted it through the air.

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