Met with Baxter and Al Today

Today I got a good look at the space I will be using to build the terrain for my contribution to The Big Project.  A discussion with Al Gaiser and Baxter Key about the realities of wargaming Iwo Jima went well.  While it does seem daunting we all decided it was doable.  Iwo Jima will be 16’ x 6’ x 2-3’.

For the early period (i.e. 30’s China) Al suggested I contact Howard Whitehouse.  He is known for doing unusual games and is a master terrain builder.  Hopefully I will get some contact info for him soon so I can ask him for advice on scenario, terrain, figures, etc.

Everyone I involve in this seems to be getting excited about it.  I personally feel a lot more at ease with this each time someone shows interest so it makes me enormously happy.  The next big phase will be getting sponsors.  The next small thing to get done is to make a 90 second trailer for the Operation Market Garden documentary.

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