Many Thanks to Rackham!

Recently the fine folks at Rackham took notice of the article I wrote comparing of the rules similarities and differences between Confrontation:TAOR and AT-43. Well two days ago they put a notice of this article in their newsletter and and my site traffic quadrupled. No, that does not mean 4 people showed up! I got over 200 unique visitors from that boost. I normally get under 50 unique visitors a day (and many of them are finding the site by googling for images and not my actual content.) It was nice getting that many people visiting because they are interested in the same things I am. So, thanks to Rackham for the free promotion. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks also for the very kind words in your free online newsletter. It was better than I deserve!


  1. Les Princes du Lichtenbourg says:

    thank you for the ad !

    nice blog !

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