Make Millions Running your own Gaming Blog! Not!

So its been a while since I checked my adSense profile. adSense is Googles way of well raking in billions. I being the smart entrepreneur decided 3 years ago, hey, why not cash in on that and make millions? So the ads you see to the right are adSense ads. When you click on one you go to a merchants page and I make less money than the average bum gets in a hand out. Seriously. After 27000 page impressions only 173 clicks have been generated. It’s made the site $24 as of today. These are all your clicks. I studiously avoid clicking the links because I think that would be unethical. Anyway with such a low click rate the ads being presented are either uninteresting, repetative or both. So I’m adding a new class of add at the bottom of the page and may add more interesting advertisements in other spots. It’ll just be experimentation. If I can make the ads work that will help pay for the ongoing costs that are accruing for, the new gaming resource site. That site will, hopefully, be totally ad-supported. TMP has ads which I’ve used. I could not justify using one for the blog because it would cost about $30 a month and given how much this site has made I’m better off with word of mouth.

Lately traffic has picked up as I have have many more interesting things to write about. I’ve been watching the logs closely to see what keywords are bringing people here and what they seem to do once they have found the blog. I’ve promoted other blogs and many of them have promoted me back. A big thanks to the Chicago Terrain Factory for having a wonderful site and for all of the referals. You can find them in my newly updated Blogroll.

I am getting hammered at work which has made getting ready for Conquest a bit tricky. However the Zuzzy Mat is almost done! Yay! So look for an article on lessons learned along with several nice photos of the final product. It is at the 90% mark and I have to say it is easily the best $50 I’ve spent for gaming in a long time. Again, highly recommended!

I am sure I’ve mentioned it before but I just want to say again bravo to Meeples and Miniatures, a find blog and podcast. He has an annoying habit of getting me interested in things I wasn’t interested in before. Check out their site at

Well I am done building low level statistical analysis modules for NLP today. Tonight is Halo night though I doubt I have the strength for it. Thank God tomorrow is Friday, I don’t think I could take another day of this!

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