Let their blood rain from the skies! Advice on running Descent

Robb has written a piece on Descent that is interesting. Overall he suggests tough love to make for the best game. Basically it boils down to hammering the players’ weaknesses while educating them on their options. I think this is probably good advice. I am not sure how well I do at educating the party on their options. I have been working on a combined rulebook that takes the rules from all the other rule books and consolidates them with updates and faq info. I think once that is done then it will make it easier to educate the players.

I noticed in our last game that the players know the game much better. They are also thinking ahead about consequences of their choices. The game has become a lot more tactical which is great.

The advice Robb gives applies to both regular Descent and Road to Legend. It is worth reading if you are the Overlord of your gaming group. It can be useful if you are a player at least in as much to see that the advice given is honest.

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