Legends of the Old West – Progress so far

I got bit by the “Legends of the old West” bug just prior to Historicon. I am happy to say I have four posses painted up (Cowboy, Outlaw, 7th Cavalry and Apache) with more on the way. Again I am mixing ranges. The figures consist of mostly Artizen at this time. They have a great range of figures. Coming soon are some Black Scorpion Miniatures which I’ve shown earlier. I am ready to play with the figures I have now. One of the benefits of this system is to set up two sides you need about 14 figures total. Terrain and so forth can be cobbled together over time or borrowed of course.

Here is the “Circle K” Cowboy Posse (click for larger):

Here is the Hell Raisers Outlaw Posse (click for larger):

The Cowboy Posse came out ahead on “Infamy” points (a rating loosely based on the strength of the posse) so I am not sure if it is a balanced match for the Outlaw Posse but I hope to find out on Sunday.

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