Legends of the Old West After Action Report

Jeff and I got in another game of Legends of the Old West. We were teaching 3 people new to the system and opted to do a highly modified version of High Noon. The object of the game was to be the last group to head to the hills. Since there were 5 of us the posses were limited to $100 which generally lead to 3 character teams. This ended up being perfect! The posses in the fight were:

Jeff’s Desperados
Pete’s Apaches
Les’s U.S. Infantry
Coleen’s Deperados
and J’s Cowboys.

The initial phase of the game pitted Jeff and I against each other. My Apache’s had rifles and Jeff had a mix of shotgun, heavy pistol and repeater. I did not get out far enough to take advantage of my range and that ended up being a problem. While I took out one of Jeff’s guys, my slow reload time made me a sitting duck. He took out one of my braves, then my leader’s horse, then my leader and it wall all over. I headed for the hills. I should have made tracks for as much distance as I possibly could to take full advantage of my 24″ rifle range.

Meanwhile the U.S. Infantry holed up in a 2 storey stone building while the Desperados and Cowboys made a run for them. Odds were against them holding out for long until the Cowboys and the Desperados started to shoot each other up! The Cavalry did suffer when the leader was wounded but he managed to hold out when the building was stormed. Pretty soon both the Cowboys and Desperados were eliminated and Jeff’s band of merry Outlaws rode into the scene. Soon is was 2 against two. Then one against one. Neither side head for the hills. In the ensuing gun battle Jeff finally got lucky and offed the last Infantry man.

It was a fun battle though the first two posses were elminated 45 minutes into a 2 1/2 hour fight. I would do it again. I showed them how the serious wound table worked (most came through pretty good but my Apache leader was killed outright and the brave that was eliminated was robbed of everything!)

Les took some pictures so when I can get a copy I’ll post them here!


  1. You can order a copy from Wargames. Just give them a call at (615) 332-8905. You should really enjoy these rules. They are very character driven.

  2. Peter It is Nick again Boston were do I find these “rules” I love the old west and was playing DEADLANDS with my gaming group 10 years ago!!!
    thanks dude and get those pics up please!!

    Regards Nick

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