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Things are starting to roll here! We got the press release out about the project. I was away this weekend so not much got done on the project. However on the flight back to Cleveland I did manage to do some write ups for the web page. The big one is called “Why We Fight” and is about historical miniature gaming in general terms. I wrote up a second document that basically acts as a disclaimer on taking sides in the political debates that still rage from the Greater Pacific War.

We got email back from Jason Moore wanting to know more about out project. I wrote him and basically tried to describe what the project was about. I hope he becomes interested. He is the filmmaker behind Revolution OS which is a great documentary on the Linux revolution. He treated that group of misfits and geeks (i.e. my life outside of gaming) with dignity. I think he would be a good choice for documenting this project. We will see what happens. In the meantime check out his film.

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