Karmans in their first fight

Well it is July 4th and it seemed nothing could go right today. I went to the rifle range and they were closed again. It’s at a state park. Its a holiday. People who are off like to go to, I dunno, parks?!? So I came home and my friend Jeff came over. He’s never played AT-43 so with ample free time we opted to try out a game using my Karmans vs. some UNA troops. They seemed diametrically opposed. We started between range band 4 and 6 apart. I was rather amazed at how expensive the Karman units are to field. I mean wow. However once they rev up those ZZ-Rifle you better be ready for your second Wow! While everything was basically dug in, the UNA lasers were doing the trick nicely. I only could afford Wendigos and K-Guns while the UNA had Star Troopers, Tacarms, Wing Troopers and a Firetoad. So already I was outnumber 2 to 1. Which meant there was never a clear lane to cover ground.

However we were close enough to utilize the various indirect options. Besides grenade launchers there is the maser strike. It is a modification of the ZZ-Rifles beam to be indirect. I haven’t checked the math on it but it seems like it is exactly what the doctor ordered for troops dug in. The Wendigos can fire 2 dice each. This is actually overkill. If you have 4 figures that can fire the maser strike you end up rolling 8 dice! The AOE is 1 so You could have up to an 8cm radius if all the dice come up as hits. We did this all wrong but if we had done it right it would have been about 4cm a turn with a 4cm deviation.

I have to play with them more but they are quite brutal. They do not like Tacarms with lasers – that much was clear. The range and damage is just hideous. A saving grace is that they are infantry and can claim cover at 3+. Overall I like them. I am missing some stuff. I have the Anakonga base unit but none of the attachments. I have the Kaptar attachments but not the base unit! I have one or two vehicles coming. So these are definitely cool. I will have to set up a 3000 point a side game and see how they work in conjunction with the Therians as allies. The UNA will of course have the Red Blok as allies. Should be fun.

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