Iwo Jima game design well under way

I’ve been thinking for a couple years now that I want to do a game based upon Iwo Jima. A big game. I have lots of figures but it’s a complex battle spread over nearly a month. I’ve finally got enough figured out that I am proceeding with a full write up of the game. Last week on the ride home from Cold Wars Baxter Key and I discussed the new direction. This past weekend I got to test out the formula for the tactical battles. It seems to be a winner. The Operation will be run very similar to Multiman Publishing’s “Iwo Jima: Rage Against the Marines” while the tactical battles will be a simple system derived from DBA. The idea is that for each section of the map that is contested a specific scenario is fought. These sub battles have to be over in under an hour. Hopefully 45 minutes will be typical. The ultimate idea is to run the entire campaign at a major convention.

I built some hills with caves, some bad going and did a full tactical battle on a 30×40 playing area. The Marines had an HQ, 6 infantry sections, a sniper section, an engineering section and 2 heavy weapons sections. They also had an LVT-4 for transport of up to two sections and an LVT-4a for armor support. The Japanese had an HQ, 4 infantry sections, 2 heavy weapons sections and an ATG plus two cave complexes.

The game played well and to my surprise the LVT-4a was wiped out by a Banzai! charge. The Marines beat the Japanese but took heavy casualties. The next fight was not going to be so easy. The game with all of our haggling over the rules took 45 minutes. I’m writing up the full rules this week.

I am looking forward to this game. I think if I do a good enough job it will be worthy of publishing. I certainly hope people enjoy the scenarios I create and the method I use to control the overall operation.

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