Iwo D+2

[[click the title to link to a higher resolution image]] This is Iwo Jima on D+2. It is a desolate disaster, strewn with equipment and men, supply and vehicles. The battle still rages on deeper on the island. The grey sky and the ominous mountain dominate this small shore of hell. Notice the LVTA-4 in the lower part of the picture. Its dragon head contains a 75mm short barreled howitzer. This one is perhaps seeking repair and resupply. The Marines called them AMTANKS and they were very effective at clearing out caves and combatting field guns.

Odd to us today, but back in the 1930’s we didn’t have a large military industrial capacity. The Amtracs and Amtanks were developed from civilian vehicles. The first 100 were produced by the Food Machinery Corporation! You can read more about their history at link.

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