It’s all about the Lewt, baby

The FTC is tracking blogs because many make claims without revealing that they are being compensated. For example, lets say I review a game or a movie. My opinion may be corrupt if the game company or the movie production house gave me some sort of compensation. You the consumer would be unaware if I didn’t say anything about it and my so-called independent review would be tainted.

So as a service to all, I will state that even with the ads displayed here, I have not received anything at all from any company whose products I have reviewed.

And that is not true. Not in the least. Wargames LLC helped support the Greater Pacific War with greatly reduced prices on figures. Sergent Major Miniatures also supplied a lot of figures for one of the games on that project. Sabol Designs gave me an extra tray when I ordered the Division Army Transport system.

The ads on this page have not produced a check but in 3 years have gotten me close to getting my first $100 check. For the number of visitors I get here it is not unexpected that I don’t have a lot of income generated by that.

Bob Bowling of RLBPS painted up 3 LCMs for me a few Japanese pill boxes. I still haven’t gotten to use those in a game but one is planned.

And that is it. The FTC rules make sense. It wasn’t until I read that article that I really thought about the issue and the responsibility of blogs. We think of them as just personal opinion pages. But there is a link to the readers and their potential buying habits. Readers SHOULD KNOW when there is compensation so that they know the opinion isn’t totally independent.

So what do you think? Bloggers should, in my opinion, be upfront. The article suggests self-policing. I think that can make sense if all bloggers work together to keep each other “real”.

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