Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Decoded

Go to this link. And watch the new trailer for Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Notice the frame I’ve captured above.

See the number on the Army Staff Car? 1B7731. If it had been 1B7331 it would have said that Indiana Jones is the Best there is.

1B = I be or I am.

7331 = 1337 in reverse, which = LEET or Elite or the best there is!

However with it being 7731 it is not as obvious. Maybe there is some other hidden meaning but I was pretty excited when I saw this the first time only to realize they were off by one character from having a great hidden message! Oh and even if it was all reverse it would just be “Elite am I” so the message would remain intact.

While Harrison is looking a little long in the tooth the film looks great. The others have not held up at all in the modern era – the super matting jobs they did post Star Wars, while great at the time on the big screen, have not held up on DVD or television. When Lucas redid the Star Wars films in digital he preserved their legacy. It may be a lot to ask to have the Indy films redone in a similar way but that is what it would take to rescue them.

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out this Summer and I’m sure I’ll be there opening weekend. Enjoy!

1.) the vehicle is a 1949 Ford Thunderbird. The Army used civilian vehicles for staff cars in this time period. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of 1942 Ford flathead-8 Cylinder sedans but nothing from this time period. They could have used Thunderbirds. I can’t say if the vehicle is correct or not.
2.) I CAN say that the markings on the car ARE wrong. The star is on the wrong door. it should be on the back door not the front door. The phrase “For Official Use Only” probably shouldn’t be there. I can’t find another vehicle used in this manner with that on it. Finally the military vehicle number appears wrong. It should be 6 characters with the first character a letter or number and all the others as numbers from all the examples I’ve seen. So either they just didn’t bother to do any research or there are even more things to work with for any hidden message. I’m sort of losing faith there is any message here.
3.) The car, while a model that eventually transformed into the Thunderbird is actually a Fordor. In 1949 Ford was a company in need of revitalizing. Their simplified line contained the Tudor sedan, the Fordor sedan and the Coupe. Not that that means anything but if the government was going to buy staff cars they would buy the Fordor model. I have a question on the lettering on the vehicle however. I need to see other government vehicles from that time period to know if they used the correct font. Anyway – this has little impact on the fact if they did or did not hide a message here. I still haven’t heard any strong opinions one way or the other.

* December 22, 2008 update – #1b7337 decodes to green using RGB. It isn’t the same green as the vehicle however. *


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well – There’s Obi Wan (B1). Star Wars was first released in 77. And Indie is a trilogy plus one. (3+1)

  2. Peter M. says:

    Sadly the special effect have not held up very well over the years. The first 2 Indiana Jones films and parts of the third one look horrible – with the evidence of the matte showing through. It really needs to be redone like Star Wars was redone.

    I think the 4th installment will be called derivative, which is all it could hope to be really. I think Lucas and Speilberg can still surprise us though. Plus there are millions of kids who don’t really know the first few films.

    Let’s hope they are up to the task!

    Thanks for your comments

  3. patrick says:

    it’s gonna be tough to match or even come close to the quality and originality of the original Indiana Jones’

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