IGN: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

IGN: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

The review above gives it a 9.1. Its definitely a major improvement over the prior incarnation. Nightvision WORKS! There are still a few things I hate and always will: small rises or depressions can be impossible to climb over. Simple wire fences are barriers (hello, just push it over or go over it!) The stick to the wall cover system is pretty much the same which is good but if your target is outside of 45 degrees to the facing of the wall you end up sliding down the wall in cover trying to get your sights on it.

Some things are definitely improved though. Outside of night optics the rest of the graphics are better. Light passes and changes through translucent things. They have more mirrored surfaces (though they only reflect the environment and not people or vehicles. I thought we were Ghosts not vampires!) Fire and explosions are better and they show off the improved particle system with dust devils. Its actually creepy! The environmental aspects of weather are well done and give a good atmospheric feel to the levels I saw.

The NextGen aspects of the game are improved as well. There is very little feeling of transition between levels. In GRAW there were longer waits between them but in this game its much more seemless and, frankly, less boring than before. The downside is that it lends to habitual play and I was up until 3am playing this game… on a work night. Yawn!

I do think the game on its middle level of toughness is pretty weak though. While I’ve lost team mates, I personally have not botched a mission until the all out helicopter assault at the church. That one I had to replay about 6 times before I had a good strategy down (which basically was my standard strategy – stick together and let the computer’s dumb bastards stick their necks out looking for us.)

I haven’t tried multi-player yet. That probably won’t happen until next week. I am doing something this weekend that will preclude me from getting in much more time on it.

Final word? Its a lot of fun and a big improvement. It is definitely a quite welcome addition to this long line of games.

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