Historicon 2008

Historcion has come and gone. It was a great show this year. While attendence seemed to be down from my perspective the true numbers will come out later. My travels to and from the convention were among the worst in my entire life for any trip. Flights delayed a total of 12 hours, missed car rides, expensive car rental and hotel arrangements and to top it all off my rental vehicle was damaged and now I’m dealing with insurance. All in all it will probably cost me $500 to $2000 more than I planned (insurance via Visa might not cover pickup trucks it appears.)

Want to know a secret though? It was my friends who pulled me through. Sean drove out of his way to get me. Pete and Martin brought my spirits up from the gutter, Dave and Tim made me laugh, Bob and Ronnie and the folks from both Casemate and Osprey entertained my quirky sense of humor, random games I ended up playing in were just fantastic with friendly gamers and skilled GMs. I don’t think I was in one dud game. I had horrible luck in some and fantastic luck in others. The dealer hall had some incredible new stuff. The “lobby pig” was succulent and delicious (apologies to my vegan friends but like Vinny Vega says, Pig is Good!)

In all the Historicon staff pulled off a fantastic time! So of the new products I saw the most exciting to me was a non-historical one. Battlestar Galactica resin cast ships and pewter fighters. Fantastic stuff. Very crisp and highly detailed. They had all the ships from both series plus lots of extra ships including other types of Battlestar and Basestar.

There were so many miniatures and games to see. I don’t even know where to begin. I didn’t pick up any rules. I’ve been on a rules buying spree this year and I need to start consolidating on a few projects I will actually complete. There was a lot of very inspired terrain there to look at however. It was ver moving.

If you like the photos here I have many more high resolution photos on my web album. Just start up the slide show below to see them in the cronological order they were taken!

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