Has enough time passed?

***Warning: Totally Tasteless Humor***

I wanted to write about Gary Gygax’s passing but I could not come up with a blog title that wasn’t inappropriate. I am sure he was a great guy and I certainly recognized the profound impact he has had on gaming as well as my own life. Still. Here are some of the headlines I thought of that I rejected and ultimately decided would not be good obits. May he rest in peace:

  • 0 HP; Gary Gygax passes away
  • Gary Gygax blows final saving throw
  • Get the body and 1,000 GP to the High Priest; Gary Gygax falls
  • Grandfather of all Gamers Retires Earth Campaign
  • We will never know why all corridors were exactly 10′ wide; Gygax Passes
  • Gygax forced to roll up new character
  • Gygax Death and 4th Ed, DnD Preview unrelated, says company official


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought his death happening right before fourth edition seemed strange.

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