Halo Racing

If you know anything about Halo 3 you might know that the game is very configurable and that you can change both the maps and the game types to suit many needs. People have created a variety of games with Halo 3. I’ve been playing since October of 2007 and was pretty sure I’d seen everything until I came across until I came across a gaming type called RACING. This game type needs special maps where there is one flag and a fixed track. Making the maps, in a general sense is easy. There are several tracks that the author of RACING has produced. One is called Submerged that I like a lot. There is a whole community that consists of people interested in this kind of map tweeking.

I’m working on a map based on Rat’s Nest. I had it all tweeked and this weekend Buiscuit Boy gave it a try. He felt it needed polishing. I spent a few hours last night taking is critiques to heart and he was right. It requires a bit of work. However it is nearly finished and it is fun. I think one of the best things you can do is invite like minded people into your map via FORGE and get to editing. Also playing the maps a few times with people is of course critical. Put your pride in your pocket and listen to them bitch about the map. Then get back into Theater and see what they are talking about through their eyes! Theater plus multi-player forge is great. Get in on it. Make some maps!

And try RACING. It is a blast. It was descirbed as very “Mario Kart” like.

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