Halo 3 – The Game


Halo 3… raked in $170 Million dollars in one day. It beat the top grossing film of all time.

Halo 3… started life at a macintosh-based game company that eventually moved to the XBox.

Halo 3… Has an interesting storyline that takes many hours to tell with game play. This is the final chapter.

The picture accompanying this article was taken in-game on my Xbox 360. The system lets you record whole games and review them from any angle and any perspective. You can learn a lot about how to play by watching yourself through the eyes of others. You can also take some “group photos” finally! The title link will lead you to the place where I store my in game photos. The content of the link is likely to change on a whim but it is a neat way of sharing the experience with those who were there and others.

Armor is customizable. In Halo 2 I had a wasp icon as my badge. In Halo 3 I have taken the Yellow Jacket to the full extreme! As I progress new armor bits will become available and I will be able to even more fully customize my character.

It is hard to relate the fun that one has when playing with a regular group of friends. I can’t think of any video game I’ve enjoyed so regularily as this. Some have come close. Ghost Recon has a totally different style of play and I love it. It is hard to keep the momentum up for the game beyond a few months though for some reason. Maybe Halo has more options to make the competitiveness of the games more interesting. Maybe it just has the right mix of elements that force the game into brutal conflict as opposed to carefully laid ambushes. I’ll still enjoy both games.

The group that I play Halo with is called the Buttermen – a name shrouded in mystery whose origins are long forgotten. Or so they tell me.

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