Halo 3 – The fun and the problems with a system open to anyone

Well I finally made MVP in Halo 3. I’ve played 518 games now and have only made it twice. Once last night in a social match (no achievement for it) and then later in a ranked match. I was psyched! Overall it was a fantastic night. We had as many as 8 Buttermen online which meant lots of team games with people we really like. There were some spectacular moments. Biscuitboy Spartan-lasered someone in mid-air. It was one of those fluke shots that he was excited about. I managed to get two kills in a VIP Rocketrace (usually people are invulnerable in that game) when I used a rocket to flip their Mongoose ATV off the cliff edge on the “Rats Nest” map.

Then there was the inevitable. The bigots and homophobes, the trash talkers, the ramblers, etc. A debate arose in the group that was discussed this morning a bit more about how it really hurts the XBox Live service. The problem I see with the complaint system is that nothing stops someone from unfairly accusing you. I think a better system is to look at how often someone gets added to a mute list. The mute list is, you guessed it, a way of making it so you never have to listen to someone across the VOIP network that is otherwise incredibly useful in XBL. When the threshold gets to a certain point that person starts to be monitored. If it turns out during the monitoring that they are breaking the rules – they are punished (fines and temporary ban to all of XBL.) If the person appears to be a minor then there should be some sort of consequences for the adult whose credit card purchased the account. Put money fines into the contract for breaking the rules and the problem is solved. 20,000 bars of soap later the racists, bigoted and homophobic kids (and adults, though I use the term begrudgingly) will change their tune or face the threat of temporary banning from the system. Keep the fines low but annoying; that way it makes it so that the offenders really can’t justify suing Microsoft. I think it could work. Plus I’d like to think that the kids who are ruining my experience on XBL are getting the tar beaten out of them when their parents get fined. Is that wrong? Use the comment button below to chime in.

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