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Yesterday I posted this at IGN

Halo 3 – thy ranking system has finally got me hooked
You know, I thought the ranking system in Halo 3 was interesting but, well, a bit obtuse. I mean it has experience AND skill. The first is kind of a useless feature since it only shows game loyalty. The second is vital in matching you with like skilled players.

However I’ve finally hit a point where it is something I am paying attention to a lot. You see, I’m a casual player. I don’t play all that much but I do like to constantly improve my game. Recently however I had a really good day and now I am really close to earning the rank of Lieutenant. To me this is an actual milestone. There is that dividing line between the officers and the enlisted and I’ve never wanted anything so much before. I’m as I type this 7 exp away. I went from having an awesome day on Sunday to a crap day on Monday. Several games on Monday were a total waste. No wait make that all of them. I gained nothing! I am so close I just need to win a few! Today I got two more wins. Tonight. With the new maps… We shall see. will I become Officer Material tonight or not?

Let’s hope so!

Last night the new maps came out and with a “little help from my friends” we won a few games fair and square and I advanced to being lieutenant! It was a glorious achievement for this casual gamer! I was on a list at 1AM that had nothing but officers – a sea of silver rank icons and I was one of them. I profoundly enjoyed that.

The new maps are nice. I was really amazed though at the number of people vetoing the maps as they would come up in matchmaking. There were only 3 so the variety is of course limited. I was more than happy to play the same game multiple times on the new map. It takes a long time to really know a map (what with people shooting at you while you gaze at it in all of it’s glory) and this investment of time was worth it. It will make me a better player. We already had some really amazing moments last night. My absolute favorite was seeing a teammate in the turret of a Warthog getting shot then rammed by an enemy Warthog. While my teammate was slain I was able to avenge his death with two of the enemy (with Biscuitboy being one of them!) I rammed their Warthog with mine and pushed it over the edge! I was actually in a bit of disbelief on that one. I will have to search the other game movies because I think I did a second vehicle that way but this time using the gravity hammer…

All in all a very enjoyable time. To see the in-game video you need Halo 3 and the maps. You can download the film clips from last night here.

There is no promise that they will be there when you get to the above link (some people will be reading this for the first time months from today) but there will always be something interesting.

Look for my Knights map and game varient. Its a capture the flag game with a medieval theme! More Knights maps to follow. I’ll even make one for the DLC content.

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