Grifball, Victory Points style!

If you don’t have any of the Halo games then you are probably unfamiliar with Grifball. Grifball is a game that has just a few basic rules. Everyone is given an energy sword and a massive hammer, called a Gravity Hammer that causes relativistic effects locally and is massively damaging! In the center of the playing field is a lone bomb. The objective is to deliver the bomb into the opponents goal and destroy it. Respawn times are short (3 seconds) and the action is constant. To deliver the bomb you just have to run over the manhole sized plate in the goal area.

What I’ve done is I’ve transformed the boring open map into one with some regular cover and a center swell that hides the two teams for a few seconds allowing for the ruse of a flank attack. Refined versions of the Grifball game type exist that add armor abilities. The normal game of Grifball is 4 on 4 but there is a version of Grifball called Stadium Grifball that allows for 6-12 players at the same time. pgrif will eventually be updated to that format. I just need to get a lot of players together.

Some features to look for: lots of opportunity to ambush the enemy. The goal wall prevents a straight in rush and makes a goalie a viable strategy. Its possible to get knocked out of the playing area. I hope you have a jet pack!

The files can be found here: Pete’s Fileshare and look for the map variant “pgrif”!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the image.

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