GPW project starts on Thursday!

That’s right campers – Historical Miniature Gaming’s Biggest Summer Vacation is about to start and the Greater Pacific War Project is there! This is our biggest outting this year with over a dozen games, fabulous lectures and stunning terrain. I am very much looking forward to kicking this convention off with my Marco Polo Bridge game. I have the boards ready and packed. Tonight I drive over to the Lord Al’s where Baxter of FAA will be loading up his racks of miniatures onto the truck. By his generous offer he is taking all of my terrain (10 boxes!) up with him along with the hundreds of miniatures involved.

I will fly up on Wednesday and arrive at the Lancaster Host that night, probably around 10:30PM. Hopefully the bar will still be open. If not I will be looking for my first game of the convention! It better involve dice, 1 page of rules and a case or two of beer!

If you are coming to see the project and participate in some of the games I have lots of give aways including very generous gifts from and Iron Ivan games PLUS we have been sponsored by Yuengling Beer who will be having a promotion with us, giving away lots of fun prizes. I am sure some of them will be of the drinkable kind!

Please look for me and say hello. I am curious to know who is reading this blog!


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