Gaming the Old West

The project I started in getting figures out of boxes, painted and put on the table this year has gone well. For Old West, most of my non-Plains War figures are now painted. Terrain is getting made and the rules are almost ready for prime time! The Old West is a period that everyone gets. You don’t have to explain how to act in the scenario. The roles are so stereotyped now that people just get it. I love it myself. I haven’t played a big Old West game in a long time. I did a few play tests of the rules I plan on using in the last couple of weekends and I am really happy with them. The figures are being churned out by Combat Painter and they are all looking excellent. He is my favorite painter. I like him because he is very detail oriented. He has his own style so you may or may not like what he does but I think he is pretty good. Below is a figure he painted for me and I love it. At gaming distance all of his figures have the right amount of pop.

Marshal with Shotty

Town Marshal with 12g double barrel shotgun. Street Sweeper!


  1. Brian English says:

    Can you tell me the make of the figures you’re using?

    • Hi Brian!
      I have a wide mix. Many are Old Glory and Foundry. There are a few Black Scorpion Figures (I wish they paired mounted with dismounted!). Several belong to Jeff Valent’s line that include steampunk characters like a Jim West and Artimus pair with unusual weapons, a mad professor and some pretty cool Native Americans. The unpainted parts of the collection consist mainly of Dixon’s Plains Indians. Those need to go out to various studios. There are 150 mounted AND dismounted figures for that. That will be for my Last Stand scenario. Custer is currently out getting painted as I type this!

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