Games I’ll Run at Nashcon

Nashcon is next week. Pete and Rohn are coming down on Wednesday. I am looking forward to this convention a lot! The PEL is finalized and up on the HMGS MidSouth site. I was going to run a game on Saturday night but I wasn’t able to get the terrain ready for it in time. However a fellow by the name of Keith Jordan has offered to help so I will be bringing my figs and he’ll bring his terrain and we just might yet get a game of Legends of the Old West running that night!

Saturday Afternoon I’ll be running Disposable Heroes. We are going to see if US Infantry can push through a group of Fallschirmjagers. The game is not based on a historical situation but a tactical problem. Actually two problems. The first is what do you do when the only place you have to ambush has two exits? The other is, when you have great equipment needed elsewhere do you wait until the end and rush it through or do you bring it on early, use its benefits and exit it? I am using my own hidden units rules for DH/C7B on this one. The Germans actually have some pretty neat stuff of their own however the force they are trying to disrupt would eat them alive in a fair fight.

On Saturday Morning (yeah I am not doing these in order) Pete English is running a Check Your 6 game. These are Scott Fisher’s WWII air war rules. I played them at Historicon. I am going to see how I fly this time. Last time I had some pretty attrocious results! I am very much looking forward to these game.

Sunday I am going to try and get an AT-43 game going. Not sure how much luck I will have but you never know.

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