Gamer Girth

It is no secret – gamers tend to be, well, overweight. We have a rather sendentary hobby involving sitting and reading, sitting and painting, pushing lead weights around (12-15 grams!) and so forth. About 8 years ago I was 250 lbs. on a 6′ tall frame. That was way to heavy. I was unhappy about it, I didn’t feel good and I needed change and I started to work out. I got myself down to about 230 and was happy with that and then I got the calling join the Army. That was when I really started work out and I got down to 210. However there was a ticking genetic time bomb that was waiting for me. I had a disk blow out and 3 years of physical therapy and exercise hasn’t fixed it. Last year it was a major problem. This year I am feeling better in part because I’ve stopped exercising and getting physical therapy. The real solution is surgery but in these trying times I can’t afford that – it has actually become a luxury for me.

So how are the back and losing weight related? Simply it is leverage. The more weight I have on my stomach the more leverage there is on the back as gravity pulls the forward weight down causing my back to flex right where it hurts – the lumbar section. I know I am somewhere between 210 and 220. I am going to keep track of my calories and of my weight and I’ll report on what is working and what isn’t.

Most importantly I’ll report on ways of staying healthy at gaming convenions – lets face it you are there to game and eating becomes a distant need so we all tend to go for the easy option with includes hot dogs, candy, beer/coffee and snack food. So the question is, what can I bring to conventions that is easy to transport, acceptable to eat around a gaming table, etc. I’ll also come up with some low impact exercise one can do without seriously impacting the hobby. Personally I plan on asking gamers for 5 military pushups for each critically failed die roll. Hey, why should it just be me that is doing all this work? 🙂

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