G8 Timer Update

Samuel BarberAdagio for Strings

The timer worked great last night. We played the 2nd Scenario again in Descent. I said I was going to give 6 minutes to the players and 4 minutes to myself to complete the turn. Killer Ken said they weren’t going to need all those minutes. The turns can seem to go quick but on the first turn the players took 10 minutes. Once we got used to the timer the turns took only 5 for the players and about 3 for me. I like how it focused us all to play and make decisions quicker.

The post is an experiment to see if I can embed songs from iTunes.

As for the game, the players won. We declared that the scenario was hard enough and would have required about 5-6 hours to actually complete. I don’t see why the giants were made so tough. The party did a good job of utilizing their special abilities. In particular one character got to set Guard for free and set it on another player and that was critical in taking down the first giant. Killer Ken and Atrocity Al seem to have a really good grip on the rules. The others are coming along too. Next time we run scenario 3. I am looking forward to it! Nasty Naga are the nuisance in that one.


  1. Oh I forgot to mention that the timer has a pause button which worked well when we needed to take bio breaks or explain rules.

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