G8 Game Timer

Here is a a clever device I got years ago and then lost! I just found it again this weekend and I’d like to write it up for you. It is the G8 Game timer. It is a turn timer that works much like a chess clock only it works for up to 8 players! It is a handy compact device with easy to use controls and a big display. You can set total game time, total time players have overall, total time players have per turn. There is a pause button, it makes sound and flashes a light and it has two memory banks. You can even turn it off and start back up again later!

Originally I got this to moderate “Napoleon in Europe” by Eagle Games. It has many uses though. Tonight I plan on trying it with Descent to get the game moving. I think people think better and move quicker when there is a time limit. I’ll report how it goes. I am giving the players 6 minutes per turn and myself 4 minutes to complete all moves. It will help keep things focused and bring the game to a conclusion.

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