SOLD — [Full Thrust] Kra’vak Fleet for sale



Yet another treasure pulled from the basement that needs to find a loving home that will paint and play with these babies. This is a great looking fleet and if I remember the Full Thrust rules well enough, breaks all laws of physics basically handing you a win against your club mates. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to humiliate the other players when you unleash weird alien technology on them!

No asking price. I will accept any reasonable offer. As with the Phalons I’ll even consider barter, trade OR you could turn the tables and quote me a price you’d ask to paint them. If I like it – then money goes the other direction!

OK what do we have in this lot?

  • FT401 Ra’San Class Fighters (12)
  • FT402 Lu’Dak Class Intruders (4)
  • FT403 Ka’Tak Class Strikers (4)
  • FT404 Da’Kak Class Frigates (3)
  • FT405 Di’Tok Destroyers (3)
  • FT406 Vo’Bok Hunter Cruiser (2)
  • FT407 Si’Tek Patrol Cruiser (2)
  • FT408 ┬áHeavy Cruiser (2)
  • FT409 Battlecruiser (1)
  • FT410 Battleship (1)
  • FT411 Battledreadnought (1)
  • FT412 Superdreadnought (1) (comes with instructions to put together the SAGAN number of parts)
  • FT413 Attack Carrier (1)
  • FT414 Light Carrier (1)
  • FT415 Light Transports (3)

29 Capital Ships and 12 fighters.

Let’s Make a Deal!


  1. william keyser says:

    would like to buy this please let me know if it is still for sale, I have also left a message on TMP.
    William Keyser

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