Fulda Gap 1985!

My how life comes full circle. The first miniatures wargame I played was Cold War Micro Armor. Last Tuesday Joe Collins ran a 1/285th scale Fulda Gap scenario with Soviets rushing to capture a bridge head and Americans and Germans defending. It was a fun game! It came down to the wire with the American’s gaining the slightest of advantage but enough for victory.

The rules were Modern Spearhead and while I’ve played and hated those rules before they seemed to work here. Maybe in the past they were not run right or maybe this time there were modifications but either way I greatly enjoyed the experience.

In an unintended tribute to all the old movies, this game was won with the cavalry literally coming over the hill to save the day!

Lots of photos (totally unedited so far) can be found here:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent series of photos of what looks to be an interesting wargame. I look forward to seeing more MSH photos and if you have time a brief battle report.

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