Fortifications from War Torn Worlds

War Torn Worlds Defensive Walls

Yesterday I received several pieces of defensive terrain from War Torn Worlds. It is made out of a strong, lightweight material called gypsum. These aren’t new, fresh from the Engineering Corps walls but battle scarred terrain. They are really well done. They are perfect for AT-43 or WH40K or any other science fiction miniatures game. While they are stronger than plaster they do need some care to be taken. I’ve already chipped one of mine.

I also got the tank traps which are very nice. They are large “dragon’s teeth” style vehicle denial emplacements. I also go the field stone walls and those are also very attractive and well made.

I had some issues with my order but the nice people at WTW went out of their way to make this order right. I would like to thank them for their great service. The best way I can help out is to spread the word that they have really nice stuff and that the service is fantastic,


  1. WTW’s sci-fi crates are as you describe the defensive walls–“really well done.” They make great objectives or (in our home brew of AT-43) great for switching out infantry weapons for special weapons.

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