For Sale

Here is where I unload the old (to me) so I can fund the new, and in ┬áthe process create new and exciting articles for Victory Points! If it is still up on this site, I’ve not accepted payment for it. If a sale is pending, it will say so, boldly, at the top of the listing. If it has been sold it will have already been removed from the site.

To inquire about or to make an offer for any of the listings just drop an email to:

A universal set of rules here are:

  • If it lists a price, and that price is firm, you can negotiate the price down with services and trades. I’m not unreasonable. The longer it remains up the cheaper it should be. For most things that follows the rule price divided by 1+log(months) listed. So if I have something listed firm at $50 and it’s the third month then $34. Wait a year and it will be half price. The way I see it, if enough people are following the sales page then eventually anything put up there will find it’s perfect market price.
  • If what is for sale are unpainted or even NIB items – instead of offering to buy the item you could offer to paint them. Give me a quote on painting services instead. A good price could make us both happy.
  • I’m also open to trades.
  • If you have something to sell and think listing it here might help get the sale going then contact me and we can work something out.
  • Some things will be listed entirely without price. Just make an offer. Barter, bottle caps, pressure cooker and steam gage… whatever you’ve found in the wasteland can be used. If you have a reloading bench I have a ton of expended 5.56mm brass that needs refilling.
  • Want to advertise your services here? I definitely would allow that from people whose services I have used.

The Listings