Fly, Mongoose, Fly!

Well I did another video. This one is pretty simple. In Halo 3 you can alter the maps and the game rules quite extensively. In Forge multiple people can cooperatively modify and build maps. In Theater you can see replays of games and Forge sessions. 4 of us got involved in a Forge Session on Friday, Nov. 2nd and had a blast. Literally. As with all Forge sessions, when you are just messing around one of the things you just have to do is throw a lot of stuff together wrapped around explosive fusion coils. Then all it takes is a few errant bullets or a frag grenade and you have some fun!

What we didn’t know in our Forge session was that we jettisoned a Mongoose ATV clear over the sea wall on the Last Resort map. I noticed it in the playback of the session and we took a closer look and sure enough it went sailing! So we made an homage video. Yes it pretty much is a wast of your life to watch it but we all need to be entertained. Iggy Pop supplied the soundtrack so how bad can it be?

My next update will be about the Fulda Gap ’85 game that was run this past week by HMGS-MS’s very own Joe Collins. Fun was had by all!

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