Fall In 2005

Just got back from Fall In! in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. HMGS-East ran a fantastic show. I can say it was the best Fall In! I’ve been to since 1999. I met lots of great people and got support for the GPW project from many new people. I picked up as supporters Iron Ivan Games (committing to one or two games), Phillip D’Amato and Stephen Lee as game masters. Battle Works Studios donated a ton of ruins for Marco Polo. Painted Armies Inc. Lee and Sharyl Clapp are donating their services as well.

I got to game with Sean Barnett, Pete English, Martin Baber, Sam Scott, Tim Mullen, Dave Hixon, The Whole Shield’s Clan from Canada, eh, and Jake and Maria Strangeway as well as Nat St. John. What a blast we had. We did Dien Bien Phu with a game put together by Pete English. Many of us got hats reminicent of the ones worn by Batallion de Parachutistes Coloniaux. They are white high wall hats with a short patent leather brim and haverlock. To keep mine safe I had to wear it in the airport which gave me a few funny looks!

Speaking of militaria clothing items check out the embroidered shirts from The Soldier and War Shop and Iron Shirt. Both make incredible items. The first carries great polo shirts with embroidered vehicles. The other makes t-shirts with embroidered unit emblems! Martin picked up the Royal Engineers one, of which he was part. I highly recommend both dealers.

All and all a great time! More to follow on some of the deals and stuff that went down for GPW. Suffice to say, people are excited about this project and so many people have offered help to see it succeed. I am very excited and happy about this project.

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