DnD 4e Review

The Hexxenhammer DnD 4e Review

As some of you know I am an ardent and life long supporter of the Hero System. I gave 3rd Edition DnD a shot and did not like it at all. Everyone seems to have a hateful rant about 4th edition which makes me think I’ll probably like it! Here is a rather positive review of the system that is pretty well illuminating on how it is different. I remain skeptical but I do like that it seems to have a clean and rational approach. My biggest problem with DnD is that from white box to 3.5 the system was mechanically inconsistent. Hero on the other hand is mechanically consistent from first to last page. I want the variety to come from the role playing and the choices I make, not from the a system of shoe-horned ideas. It seems possible from the description that the new system may indeed be The One long ago prophesied to come from seemingly no where and be our salvation. 😉


  1. Peter M. says:

    The enthusiasm and support for 3rd edition and D20 is incredible and has been for the better part of a decade – no doubt. I fully admit I am an outlier in the statistics of the fandom for D&D. I did have fun with 3.0 and 3.5 but I found it an amazing chore to keep up. There was always something someone missed. It was frustrating because you could just tell the designers were trying to adhere to the past and put on a better system. Sometimes you have to cleanse and burn to really move forward and I think 4e is just that.

    It is a lean and mean winged horse compared to the hydra the previous system was.

    As for Forgotten realms consider that all of the fluff still is viable. Just throw out the mechanical stuff and add in the new. It is not as hard as you think because Hero System users have been doing it for decades – adapting other backgrounds with the Hero Rules. I did an Iron Kingdom game from the get-go with Hero and never used the D20 system.

    Allegedly the real hew and cry lately is over DnD Insider which is the online component and it isn’t ready yet and they aren’t willing to talk about when it will be ready. They aren’t a software company and, of course, it is showing. I hope they do get that service rolling. I think it will transform gaming.

  2. sanguine216 says:

    Yes and no. You raise a good point about mechanically inconsistent rules within 3.5 – however, that’s somewhat of a ground for both skilled and novice players to play with. Finding anything and everything someone can like – rather than just a handful of stuff that ‘meshes’ well. Your talking about a community of varied people here, offering as much diversity as possible is a good thing.

    I looked through a 4th ed or two and realize I still enjoy 3.5 from what I know and love to be D&D.

    Not to mention… Forgotten Realms is dead because of 4th.

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