Day of Battle

Day of Battle Rules

Back when I was 15 the first hobby store I ever went to that sold miniatures was called “The Toy Soldier.” I met Mr. Chris Parker, proprietor, there. He even sold me my first set of miniatures rules, WRG moderns. It was an exciting day and I loved playing games with those rules.

Chris is active in many things. He has a family, he is into music and plays trumpet in a band, he reads a lot of history and he is on his 3rd edition of his feudal mass combat rules. Chris wrote the venerable set of rules know as Knighthood and the Middle Ages (KATMA to those in the know) which eventually led to the superior product known as “Day of Battle.”

This set of rules is very different from other sets. Its a miniatures game, to be sure, but it is integrated with a sort of role play aspect (you have a character) and there is also an integrated campaign system. Its really quite amazing. This edition, the third (in beta) is very streamlined and a superior set of rules. Game play is perhaps not fast but its also not “one-brain cell required.” There is a lot of strategy you need to understand. But learning it is half of the fun.

I got the beta rules at Cold Wars. I’ll write more about the experience of playing a game at some point. Perhaps one of my local readers will be interested in giving them a whirl?


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