Crackdown – aptly named

Let’s face it – I have hated every sandbox game ever made. I hated Grand Theft Auto. I wasn’t a fan of Saint’s Row. I had no reason to like this game either – or so I thought. I was wrong. Having been a fan of comic superheroes since college I found the theme of this game really interesting. It is similar to a genre that Hero Games calls “Dark Champions” where realistic and superheroic action mixes and the characters themselves are dark.

In this game you are a super powered being. At first your powers are extraordinary augmentations. You can jump about 7 feet high and kill easily with your bare hands. However as you progress in the game and develop your powers you can leap over 20 feet, throw cars around and basically cause a sick amount of mayhem.

This game is the first truely 2nd Generation game to come along. While I am still a huge fan of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter – in many ways that game did not fully deliver on the promise of 2nd generation. I am sure future editions will continue to stand on the shoulders of giants as previous editions of Ghost Recon have in the past. I hope they take some lessons from Crackdown. Crackdown is a seamless environment. I never notice loading or levels. I can see for miles when up high. I can take advantage of very high roosts or get down into the action in a way I never was able to in GRAW. While the action is definitely much more cartoony in Crackdown there are a lot of things about it that I wish would translate over to GRAW.

I have not yet tried the cooperative version of the game. I am truely looking forward to that. I have no idea what it is like actually. I think that it would be great fun though. However I am sure the biggest problem is friendly fire. Lets face it – this game is jammin’ packed full of exploding cars, tank, barrels and so forth. It’s definitely a high octane, adreline rush of a ride.

Given my schedule lately I haven’t had much time for miniatures or boardgaming. I really didn’t have the time I spent on playing this game – but it was worth it. Its easily one of the best games I’ve bought for the 360.

Of the games I’ve got here is how I’d rate them thus far:

  1. Crackdown (excellent!)
  2. GRAW (very good, wish there were more MP maps)
  3. Oblivion (good, horrible people models, fun exploration game)
  4. The Outfit, Perfect Dark (ok, not really as engaging as I would have wanted)
  5. Blazing Angels (a little disappointing, stupid hard in some parts)


  1. Peter M. says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention why it’s an apt name. As my friend Tortie suggests – its addictive like Crack and you can’t put it down!

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