ConquestVegas, Zuzzy and more

I got word today that ConquestVegas is confirmed for 2009 as well and that they will also be having a show in the Fall. ConquestVegas 2008 is this week and I am leaving for Vegas on Wednesday. I can’t wait. I finally got the Zuzzy mat painted. The key on the lava is to start with white, then neon red, mix in neon yellow while the red is still wet. Once all that dries then dry brush with black. Allow accidents of the brush to happen. Looks great! I am going to redo the older Lava flows after Conquest. Watch for pictures of the mat in my ConquestVegas photos coming later!

I found this on Boardgame Geek. It is a card from a set of game aids for doing dog fights in Star Wars using the WoW system. You still need “Famous Aces” to play. Pretty Entertaining. It is amazing what very bored people will put up on the Internet.

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