ConQuest Vegas – Quick After Action Report

Rohn and I survived Vegas. It was a blast. The city has a lot to offer and if you look hard enough you can find a lot of bargains compared to what you’ll pay on the Las Vegas Strip. Ok on to the convention. There were just over 200 attendees. I’m sure the ConQuest website will get updated after GAMA to reflect the final numbers. RPGs and boardgames were the most well attended games for the most part. There were some miniatures games that went off well. I only got one game off, the others just could not find attendees. There is a group of AT-43 players in Las Vegas but for whatever reasons none of them showed up at ConQuest which is a shame. I had a great mini-campaign laid out and it looked great. (Pictures will be posted later.)

I played a napoleonic game, the first I’ve tried in years and it was fun. The system is called “Grognards and Grenadiers“. We played a slightly modified game where the activation cards were replaced with card draws from a regular deck. Your corps commander (note the spelling!) draws a card and then all sub units try to draw cards that are less. For the French, who had division commanders, it was possible to get lucky and activate the entire division. The other side we were playing (Belgians?) did have those so they had rather spotty activation at times. It was a fun game. I won as the French though I have to say the other side had the more difficult time of it. They had to do a retreat over a river at two points. Very difficult to accomplish when you aren’t getting shot to pieces! The author, Rudi Guedens, states that his system was inspired by Battle Cry and Memoir ’44 and I can see that. The game play is different enough though that this is not a direct translation, but a new game. I suggest people try it out. Lots of fun.

When a game Rohn and i wanted to play did not go off we got roped into a late night Stargate role playing game. We decided to play it in the style of Galaxy Quest. It was run by Bob Johnston who runs or is involved with Polycon out in California. He had an elaborate set up that was quite nice. He has a great story telling style and we actually had a ton of fun. I’ve seen the Stargate movie but haven’t really watched the show at all. Apparently by accident I made an interesting allusion to their once a year spoof episodes when my military commander character had the option of leaving the secure dome and getting involved in a fight or staying and shoring up the defence. I said “I go out and fight. It’s what I do.” Anyway, look up references to “Wormhole X-Treme” to get an idea of what I am talking about.

All and all a fun convention. I could write a lot more about it and will when I finally get the photos off my camera.

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