ConQuest Vegas passes 150 individual pre-reg’s

Gabriel “Mondo” Vega has written to let the GM’s know that ConQuest Vegas has more than exceeded expectations. A target of 100-150 attendees were expected/desired. So far pre-registration numbers are north of 150! This is great. It means I have a good chance of having my games full which would delight me to no end. Imagine how big it will be once the turnstile is counted… I am going to guess right now 225 which would make this a pretty successful convention. I wonder if they have enough space. Too many people coming is a great problem to have as opposed to too few. You can fix the problem of too many. In my case I have more than enough figures to get many extra players in.

Much of the influx, however, is for board gamers. This is good because you can pack board gamers in much more tightly than miniature gamers or role players. I think the sky is the limit for this convention.

I’m very much looking forward to this convention! I leave tomorrow for it. Look for me if you read this blog!

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